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Architectural Renderings are Changing Pre-Construction Sales in 2020

Architectural renderings are providing opportunity for collaboration and cultivating sales during pre-construction

Architectural renderings are a powerful pre-selling sales tool. Traditional flyers and mailers are no longer being used to cultivate sales in pre-construction phases. Architectural renderings have replaced this process transforming the way developers are pre-selling to potential buyers. ALY shines a light on this powerful new tool and shows you how to harness the power of architectural renderings in real estate.

Why Architectural Renderings?

Take your 2 dimensional projects to a whole new level. By providing 3D 360-degree views of a space, you are providing the end user a way to visualize not only what the space will look like, but how they see themselves in that space.

By immersing a potential client into a space you are able to connect with them on an emotional level thus, help encourage pre-sale opportunities.

Architectural Renderings Highlight the Properties Best Features

Imagine a potential buyer seeing the décor, architectural details, lighting fixtures, flooring, and appliances before construction is completed.

What if the project is a high-rise community with incredible views? 3D architectural renderings and animations can be used to highlight features that make the community desirable.

With ALY, you can display the amenities, including the pool, clubhouse, fitness center and playground. You can also show nearby “quality-of-life” aspects such as neighborhood schools, shopping, and entertainment. Check out a recent project we completed in Arizona highlighting all the amenities of a pre-construction property.

Finalized Designs with Ease – ALY simplifies this process

Getting final approval for a construction project is rarely simple. Each stage requires several rounds of changes.

At ALY, we provide a simple solution to making changes to your architectural renderings in real-time, from any device. Image being able to have all your stockholders access your design and make changes together in real-time? With ALY, we remove the need for multiple meetings to discuss every little changes. Through collaboration and endless changes, ALY allows you to make decisions faster.

Check out our live demo for yourself!

No matter what your needs, we can show you how 3D architectural rendering can be used to for pre-selling your next housing development, office complex, or retail space or multifamily space.