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Architectural Visualization is Changing Multifamily Real Estate

Adding architectural visualization 3D virtual tours to your real estate marketing is a must!

Technology is improving many facets of the real estate industry — but one in particular is giving the multifamily sector a new look. Architectural visualization is connecting potential buyers, designers, project managers and management companies in every phase of the development. But with ALY’s architectural visualization platform, you can connect like never before.

Here are a few reasons why ALY is changing the way you market real estate and how the ALY VR platform is different than the rest!

1. Showcase Amenities and Design like Never Before

Architectural visualization allows you to create stunning 3D real estate tours and get properties staged so that potential clients can check them out before the build even begins. With ALY you can present high detailed 3D 360 degree design options and that allow the customer to choose their favorite design features and apply them in real time. According to the National Association or Realtors, 77% of real estate agents say staging helps buyers associate a property with their future home. Thanks to virtual reality, architectural visualization has become much cheaper and a lot more immersive experience. See our live demo of ALY and how this platform is unlike any other.

2. Access your architectural visualization of your real estate design anywhere, anytime.

No more clunky VR headset you have to carry around. With ALY all you need is a simple URL and your architectural visualization design can be accessed from anyone, anywhere. Use your link in your next marketing meeting to discuss product changes or use ALY as you visualize your new commercial space on-site. With ALY’s easy to use platform, no app and no hardware is needed. This allows for easy access and sharing of assets, as many times as needed to as many people as you want!

3. Speed up Pre-Sale Capabilities

Multifamily properties are pulling out all the stops when it comes to property amenities, but if they can not be showcased prior to build-out, how can they sell a property. With the ALY architectural visualization platform, high quality 3D renderings can connect a potential buyer to a property without stepping foot on-site. These renderings can also be used as visuals for presentations and marketing materials. Showcase your design in high-quality detail so your potential prospects can see the beauty of your project.