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3 Benefits Product Providers Can Experience with 3D Product Visualization

Businesses involved in the construction trades are not limited to architects, builders, and construction workers. Many businesses support the construction trades. Without these businesses, buildings would not be habitable. Buildings would lack necessities like lighting and comforts like carpet and paint.

According to an IBISWorld Report, over 600,000 architecture-related businesses operate around the world. Many more businesses provide products and services to make buildings comfortable including:

  • Carpet manufacturers
  • Paint suppliers
  • Interior designers
  • Furniture makers
  • Lighting companies
  • Window covering sellers

Here are three benefits of 3D product visualization services for product providers.

More Sales

Showrooms exist for a reason. People are more likely to purchase a product if they have seen it in use.

But showrooms are expensive. They require space and inventory to furnish it. You need to secure your showroom from break-ins and employ sales representatives to show customers the different products. Showing your products virtually will help you eliminate those costs.

More importantly, you can increase your sales with 3D product visualization. One of the greatest friction points in many sales is the customer’s inability to imagine your products in their space. 3D product visualization services from ALY can produce 3D renderings showing your products in the space where customers will use them. This makes the sales process easier and allows customers to have a better understanding of how the products will look once the job is complete. To view a live demo of ALY’s 3D rendering platform, click here.

Greater Satisfaction

When a customer outfits a new building, 3D product visualizations can help make a sale. Humans are highly visual animals. Most of your customers will have difficulty imagining how your products will look in a space. This problem is even more complicated if the space has not yet been built.

By providing customers architectural visualizations that contain your products, you and your customers can be certain that they will be happy with their purchases. ALY’s 3D architecture design platforms turn the 2D plans into 3D walkthroughs of a space. By adding your products into the renderings, you have a complete 3D product visualization for your customers.

When customers are satisfied with their purchases, you have fewer returns and deal with fewer complaints. This allows you to re-allocate resources from customer service to other aspects of your business.

Closer Collaboration

Suppose you have been contracted to supply floor coverings for a new building. You could deal with dozens of people, including building owners for carpet in the common areas and tenants in each leased space. On top of those stakeholders, you must also deal with interior designers and other vendors who will supply the paint, furniture, and window coverings to ensure that your floor coverings will complement their products.

ALY’s 3D product visualization services are cloud-based. This facilitates collaboration because changes will propagate in real-time so everyone can see them. Moreover, since the services are in the cloud, collaborators can access the 3D renderings on any device regardless of the operating system, and without installing any software.

The degree of collaboration on projects will make your business more efficient and ensure each customer receives exactly the products needed.

3D product visualization services will move your business into the future. Contact us to learn more about 3D product visualization services or see a live demo.