event space rendering

High Quality 3D Renderings for Event Space

To stand out from the competition, event planners and venue managers must move at lightning speed. They must design events that excite the imaginations of attendees! One great way to get creative is to leap “outside the box” with event rendering software that provides high quality 3D renderings.

Unlike most other CAD programs, ALY is a fully immersive 3D architectural and design visualization platform that allows you to experience an environment like never before. Here are a few reasons we believe ALY will not only save you time but also money when planning your next event space.

1. Ease the pain point of venue sourcing and stand out from the rest

Only 16-percent of event planners say they’re “extremely certain” of their venue when they begin the planning process, according to the latest Global Planner Sourcing Report from Cvent. Venues should consider making attractive, clear 3D renderings of their spaces for venue-sourcing platforms. With ALY, you can create high quality 3D renderings of your space along with 360 degree views so the space can be viewed from any vantage point. With the ALY unique URL, it will also save you time and energy driving from one venue to another. Simply send your client the URL and they can access it from any device, anytime.

2. Collaborate

The events industry is seeing a trend toward local foods, talent, and decorations. However, that doesn’t mean the planner, stakeholders from the venue, and the clients will all be in the same room.

Whether members of the event team are across the building, across town, across the country, or further– The ALY platform allows the team to work together in real time. Make changes to basically any asset in the room with a single click.

3. Make a splash by sharing 3D renderings

With ALY, share your high quality 3D renderings on any social channel. Anyone with the ALY URL is able to see your design from any device. These detailed images help people visualize themselves in the space, make the event a priority (ideally), and build excitement.

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