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How ALY’s Real-Time Rendering Can Help Your Firm Survive COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced almost every industry to reevaluate its processes and make adjustments to keep employees and clients safe. The industries of architecture and design are among the many that have faced significant challenges in the past year. According to a survey from Appleseed Strategy, 70% of firms experienced a drop in billings in Q2 of 2020, which was between the months of April and June.

This initial drop was felt most acutely by small firms that didn’t have the financial cushion that many larger corporate firms have. While many companies have been able to recover and adjust their methods as the pandemic has continued, others continue to struggle.

The best to get back on solid footing is to attract new leads by standing out from the competition. ALY, a real-time 3D rendering platform, can help your firm do just that. Let’s take a look at how ALY’s advanced capabilities can help establish your firm as an authority in the industry, and even thrive during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Use the Leading Technology to Edge Out Competitors

The large corporate firms may have nearly unlimited resources but even the smallest firm can impress clients as long as they have the right technology. When your team uses a real-time 3D rendering platform such as ALY, clients will be able to feel deeply involved in the design process without having to navigate complicated software.

ALY connects to the user’s existing web storage and renders web-based versions of designs on demand. This means that your clients can use any device to view your designs and won’t need to download an app or software of any kind. They’ll simply open a shareable link and be able to see your design. Many architectural rendering solutions, such as ALY, offer animation capabilities, including 360-degree views of a space. This type of advanced rendering will help set your small firm apart from your competitors. You can experience a demo of ALY’s 3D rendering platform by visiting our website.

Real-Time, Virtual Collaboration Keeps Everyone Safe

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown at businesses is having to make all meetings virtual. Your small firm was probably accustomed to sharing your ideas and designs with clients in person and only had to rely on virtual meetings every once in a while. With ALY, you can engage in virtual collaboration that is as communicative and effective as it was when you could speak face-to-face.

ALY allows you to make real-time adjustments to your designs during meetings with your clients and team members. During a Zoom meeting, your clients and every member of your team can have the rendering open and be able to see the changes you make. This streamlined workflow and easy collaboration will give your clients the confidence that they need to stick with you during these hard times. They can then spread the word about your firm’s capabilities, driving more business to your doors.

When it comes to architectural rendering platforms, there are none like ALY. All desktop and mobile web devices support our platform, all collaborators can dynamically view various options with a design schematic, and pre-rendered options even allow clients to make changes whenever they need to.

Experience the best in 3D product visualization services by checking out a demo of ALY today. You can also sign up to get notifications about when ALY will launch later this year.