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Key Reasons Why You Need ALY’s 3D Rendering Platform for Your Next Project

Construction companies are investing heavily in technology. According to surveys, over 80% of construction companies plan to spend the same or more on technology this year. These investments are not limited to construction technology. They are also investing in technologies that can help them plan, manage, and collaborate on projects.

A key emerging technology in construction and design is ALY’s 3D architecture design platform. This platform is more than an application. It is a cloud-based system that provides 3D architectural visualizations on any type of hardware without installing any software.

Here are three key reasons you need ALY’s 3D rendering platform for your next project.

Easier Sharing

Your construction project has many stakeholders. The building owner, the owner’s investors, potential tenants, interior designers, the construction company, and the architect share an interest in the project’s success. Each of these parties is looking for something different from the project, but all need access to the most accurate and current information.

But providing information that everyone can understand is difficult. Not everyone can interpret mechanical drawings and blueprints. Even 2D elevation drawings can give an inaccurate impression to viewers.

ALY’s architecture design platform provides 3D product visualizations that anyone can understand, regardless of their experience level or prior knowledge. Visit ALY’s website to view a live demonstration of the platform.

More Effective Collaborating

When stakeholders have input for a project, they often have one option — tell the architect. The architect must then integrate all the comments from the various collaborators, including the contradictory ones, and produce new architectural renderings.

ALY’s architecture design platform runs on the cloud. This allows every stakeholder to collaborate directly by editing the 3D renderings. These edits propagate in real time across all platforms, allowing viewing of others’ edits in real time.

This level of collaboration provides a range of benefits including:

  • Shorter time to final design approval.
  • Lower design costs.
  • Greater customer satisfaction with the final build.

Fewer Mistakes

3D architectural renderings are the most accurate representation of the possible final product. This helps your customers better conceptualize their building or other construction project. With this clear understanding, they can easily identify errors, miscommunicated features, or design elements that do not fit their building concept.

Equally as important, builders can use the 3D renderings to catch mistakes before construction starts. For example, builders can find features that were not bid correctly or simply cannot be built. By identifying these mistakes and making changes, the builder avoids demolishing completed construction, minimizing the cost of correcting mistakes.

ALY’s architecture design platform provides the tools to support your next construction project. Whether you are an architect, builder, investor, or owner, ALY’s 3D rendering platform can help you share your construction plans, encourage collaboration, and reduce mistakes. For more information about ALY’s 3D architectural design platform or to view a live demonstration, contact us.