construction worker using tablet to view 3d render

Why Is ALY Ideal for Collaborators on the Go?

Collaboration is an important element of every large project. Whether you are building a single-family home or a complex of government, commercial, or residential buildings, you will have dozens, if not hundreds, of collaborators and stakeholders involved.

Even in normal times, 3D visualization software is an important tool to facilitate collaboration on the go. With many people working from home due to COVID-19 measures, architectural 3D rendering platforms that support remote collaboration is critically important to the completion of projects.

ALY is the superior architectural visualization platform for collaborators on the go and here are three specific reasons why:

Easy for Non-Experts

GM Insights conducted a study that suggests the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry has a stake of over 42% in the 3D rendering market. There are many reasons for this investment, including:

  • 3D images help identify mistakes and problems before a project begins.
  • 3D rendering platforms shortens the feedback loop within a firm.
  • 3D visualizations are intuitive for people who are not architects, engineers, or builders.

This last point is critically important to both you and your clients. 3D images can be understood much more easily by your clients and the stakeholders in their project. Keep in mind that your client will use your 3D renderings to solicit investment, secure funding, advertise for tenants or buyers, and collect bids from contractors and designers. Communicating in real-time through 3D images rather than 2D blueprints is inherently more understandable.

What’s even better, there is no learning curve with ALY. Your clients can simply click the shared link and view, edit and leave feedback on your designs. To see how intuitive images from ALY’s 3D rendering platform can be, see our live demo.

Operates on any Device

Collaborators on the go will often not be in front of a workstation when they need to review a project. Instead, collaborators might use a phone, tablet, laptop, or even the PC in a hotel business center.

ALY’s cloud-based platform allows collaborators to use any of these devices, or even switch from device to device. This is possible because of two features:

  1. ALY’s rendering platform stores files in the cloud, such as in your Dropbox or Google Drive account. This leverages the tools developed by these cloud providers to allow sharing of files that can be accessed anywhere. Even more importantly, these files can be accessed from any device, regardless of manufacturer or operating system.
  2. ALY’s tool is cloud-based. This means that you will not need to install software or a mobile app on a device before accessing the 3D architectural renderings. Instead, the software tool will take the project data stored in the cloud and produce renderings on your device with no installation or preparation necessary.

Provides Live Changes and Edits

One concern with collaboration tools is asynchronous edits. For example, if you spot a problem and make a comment or edit, a software tool that only updates drawings when you upload a corrected file might miss edits or comments from other collaborators. You then end up with multiple versions that must be reconciled before a final rendering must be produced.

ALY’s software, on the other hand, allows everyone to work from a single file set in real-time. This means that you always know you are working with the most up-to-date version of the files and that other collaborators will see your changes as you make them. This makes the collaboration process more efficient and ensures that everyone’s edits and comments make it into the drawings.

ALY provides the ideal platform for collaborators on the go. This cloud-based software allows real-time access to renderings regardless of the user’s location or platform. These 3D renderings ensure that everyone, regardless of expertise or training, can understand and comment on the project.

To learn more about ALY’s 3D rendering platform, contact us or view our live demo.