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Why Real-Time 3D Rendering Is Essential for Builders

The market for visualization and rendering is growing quickly and North America is the highest revenue contributor according to GM Insights. The architectural visualization products on the market have a wide variety of features and some of the products for 3D architectural design for builders are more helpful than others.

One of the features you should look for in platforms for 3D architectural design for builders is real-time 3D rendering. Here are three essential benefits of real-time 3D rendering platforms for builders.

Easily Prepare Presentations

Bidding for a project can be a long, drawn-out process. Using ALY’s 3D rendering platform can simplify the process of making presentations and explaining your approach to the project.

Not everyone can interpret blueprints. Those outside the building and construction industry might lack the skill of mentally visualizing a building from a two-dimensional plan. Prospective clients, real estate investors, and bankers might know finance, but they might not understand how to read mechanical drawings and blueprints.

Selling your building concepts to people without this skill can be challenging. And while 3D renderings and concept drawings are not new to the industry, ALY’s platform simplifies the process by taking the 2D plans and creating 3D renderings in real-time. This eliminates the need to hire an artist or draftsman to prepare the illustrations for your bids and live presentations. Contact us to view a live demonstration of ALY’s platform to see how it can be used to prepare visualizations for presentations.

Quickly Incorporate Suggestions

Even more importantly, negotiations over the bid will not take weeks or months. If your client has changes, you can immediately incorporate those changes in the drawing and those changes will propagate through the 3D renderings. Again, instead of sending the changes to the draftsman and artist to prepare new plans and concept art, you can create and edit realistic 3D renderings on the fly.

ALY’s platform is cloud-based. This allows suggestions and collaborations to be incorporated into the project renderings even easier. The 3D renderings can be accessed on any device, regardless of the operating system or brand.

The cloud-based nature also facilitates collaboration. Each person accessing the renderings can be assigned permissions that allow the person to edit the drawings in real-time. During a bid presentation or planning meeting, this can improve the quality of the final product and the customer’s satisfaction with it.

Improve Quality

Quality has many different aspects including:

  • Meeting the client’s subjective expectations.
  • Avoiding objectively defined defects.
  • Completing the project as defined, including on-time, on-budget, and as described in the specifications and drawings.

ALY’s platform provides 3d architectural design for builders to improve quality on all these fronts. By providing the client with accurate and complete 3D renderings, you ensure the client’s expectations match the drawings. And by having accurate and complete 3D renderings shared between you and your client, you have many opportunities to identify errors or mistakes that can cost time and money.

ALY’s 3D rendering platform provides real-time 3D architectural visualizations that can improve your entire building process. Contact us to learn more.