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Why You Need to Use 3D Rendering Software As a Builder

There was a time when constructing a building, whether it was a home or a supermarket, meant drawing out the design on paper and trying to imagine what it would look like. 3D models could be built, but they had to be specially ordered and sometimes took months to complete. We are lucky now to live in the digital age with 3D visualization software. We can now have virtual renderings of models done by computers: many more intricate and elaborate than even the best artists of yesteryear.

Virtual modeling and its associated software are quickly expanding in the current market. In fact, the 3D Rendering Market size exceeded $2 billion in 2019 and is estimated to grow at over 20% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. Architectural rendering software is only getting more popular, and any firm that wants to hold onto clients and customers would do well to pursue this trend. From winning design competitions to being able to proudly display their works in real life, a common component of achieving these goals is using architectural visualization.

Why is the new architectural visualization software, ALY, so unique? Instead of being a rehash of similar software programs with a different name, it is an actual innovation that allows for collaboration between different elements of a design and building team. ALY generates a link that can be shared intrinsically and allows anyone with the link to view and edit in real-time. Even more impressive, ALY requires no app or software giving users architectural visualization from any device.

Why ALY Is Superior to Other Platforms

You may be inclined to think that all architectural visualization platforms are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. ALY is a real-time rendering platform that exists entirely online. It makes collaboration simple and easy in a way like never before.

Instead of having to wait for architects or designers to be in front of you with special software, everyone can have a seat at the table to view designs. ALY truly is an innovative platform for a whole host of design professionals to utilize.

Connect, Render, and Get Feedback

ALY is such an easy tool to use, you’ll wonder why it’s taken this long for someone to create it. Instead of juggling multiple CAD files from other architectural visualization platforms, you can simply import your existing CAD files onto ALY which will render it into a 360-degree representation that anyone with the link can access on the web. This makes it easy for all aspects of project management to receive feedback and updates.

But fear not, only those with access to the unique link that ALY generates for you will be able to access your presentations. In a sense, it is a digital version of trade secrets that only those whom you authorize to see the representation can access. Once they view the architectural visualization, they can also then comment on it, make changes themselves, or submit feedback immediately.

Contact ALY Today

When looking for an architectural visualization platform that can suit all your needs, you should consider ALY. ALY is a dynamic, powerful, and platform-agnostic 3D design solution that moves design forward into the 21st century. We enable architects, designers, home builders, property managers, and product providers to collaborate with buyers and stakeholders in real time. Try a live demo today and see for yourself why ALY is the superior platform for architectural visualization.