Using cloud storage with ALYVR

April 14th, 2022

ALYVR is still under heavy development and there are currently some challenges using DropBox and Google Drive volumes. This page gives guidance on how to work around issues with each vendor until they can be corrected.

Working with DropBox

In January 2022 Dropbox changed the expiration of its authentication token from never expiring to 4 hours. We did not detect this change immediately and, as a result, some projects will not update or re-render correctly. If you attached a Dropbox account between January 24th and April 15th then projects with files attached from those accounts will not work correctly and will need to be recreated.

We are working to add functionality to re-connect and disconnect storage accounts and will send out an announcement when it is ready.

New Dropbox account attachments should work correctly.

Working with Google Drive

Our Google Drive certification is in the process of migrating to a Google Identity based organizational master account. Because of this, ALYVR is currently considered to be in “development” mode by Google and displays a warning during the process of connecting a drive:

This is OK! Since our app has not completed its verification you have to take some extra steps. Click the “Advanced” link and more information will be displayed.

Now click “Go to ALYVR (unsafe)” and your drive will be added. While this warning says it is “unsafe” the site works correctly. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve this problem in the near future.