Our Team

Our team

Management & Sales

Doug Clark

Founder | CEO

As Founder and CEO, Doug brings significant experience and a proven track record of success as an entrepreneur creating, leading, and operating 4 start-up companies to successful exits, the last 2 to well-known public companies (ChoicePoint/LexisNexis & Real Page). Doug’s ability to recognize, design and promote workflow and transaction- based value-added services helped transform 4 start-ups in the past two decades which led to their successful acquisitions.

Doug started the company after not being able to find a way to present and make changes to CAD files without having to use a software or application.

Craig Foy


Craig comes from a heavy background in building businesses from the ground up. He loves the vision side of finding product market fit. Craig also loves building teams and looks for high-energy people with integrity who can execute the vision of the business and run on their own. Craig’s passion is creating an ecosystem within a team where energy comes from every direction.

Outside of work, he enjoys raising his daughters with his wife, Tammy, of 28 years. Other passions include racing mountain bikes, running with his dogs, and yoga.

Kelly Foy


With over two decades of experience, Kelly stands as a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong focus on sales and marketing. Kelly’s hands-on journey began with the ground-up creation and successful exit of Elite Meetings International in 2017. This venture provided Kelly with comprehensive insights into the entire spectrum of business development. Kelly’s core strengths lie in sales, marketing, technology, and business development. This talent has been instrumental in fostering a culture of excellence among employees and investors alike.

Kelly Reber

Vice President Operations

For work, Kelly brings a 20+ year background in Real Estate and an 8 year background in a tech start-up to her dream job working for ALY. She’s passionate about Interiors, Architecture and Technology making her an easy fit for her role as VP of Operations which calls on her detail-oriented, process driven mindset. Kelly truly loves being a conduit for bringing all aspects of the business together creating a seamless workflow for the whole team; working closely with both the clients and the design team pouring over plans and files to bring spaces to amazing virtual life is a bonus.

For play, Kelly splits her free time between her family (husband + a son in high school + a son at Texas Tech), her beloved dogs, yoga, reading, DIY Reno and a good binge watch now and then.

Claire Blanton

Inside Sales Associate

As a recent graduate from A&M University with a BS degree in Psychology, Claire is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and cultivating relationships with an innovative mindset. Her passion for technology, sales, and people has driven her towards the dynamic world of virtual reality.

Outside of work, Claire enjoys spending time with her golden retriever, Harley. Other passions include pickleball, hiking/biking, and her faith.

Harrison Foy

Social Media Marketing

Drawing from a rich foundation in multi-media arts and design, Harrison is instrumental in transforming ALY’s visionary video concepts into captivating realities. Not only does he craft the essential media content for powering ALY’s vibrant social media platforms, but he also leverages his expertise in Social Media Marketing to orchestrate impactful advertising campaigns for the company.

Outside of work you can find Harrison hunting and hiking in Utah’s Wasatch mountain range.

Ean Schuessler

Chief Technology Advisor

Ean has a 20-plus-year history with open-source clusters and applying custom code to tie them together to fit the customer’s dream like a glove. Craig Foy and Ean have a 15-year track record together in these environments. Ean took Doug Clark’s original idea, which was app-based, and turned it into a web GL application using Kubernetes and Blender to expand demand automatically to fit our vision. Ean was also instrumental in Mark Cuban’s company Broadcast.com, among many other Fortune 500 businesses.

In his spare time, Ean can be found riding mountain bikes, building robots, and working on various other projects of interest.


John Thompson


John is a strategic and analytical executive with over $400 million in budget control experience. He is skilled at leading global teams and driving bottom-line growth through long-term business planning and financial management. John has a collaborative work style and proven ability to negotiate multi-million dollar contracts.

John is also a strong operational leader with a focus on continuous improvement. He has a history of leading successful transformations that capture cost savings and improve profitability. John is a value-driven professional with experience coaching cross-functional teams and streamlining operations.


Our team


Carine Moreira

Design Team Lead | Interior Designer | 3D Artist

Carine is a skilled and detail-oriented 3D artist with a background in interior design, who uses her experience in architectural and interior projects to guide and assist the design team in creating fantastic, realistic 3D tours.

With 10 years of experience in the architecture field, she found her professional passion in creating realistic renderings and 3D modeling.

Outside of her professional life, Carine’s hobbies include reading, playing video games and learning languages.

Larissa Pfeilsticker

Project Manager | Interior Designer | 3D Artist

Holding a degree in interior design and a wealth of experience in crafting photorealistic 3D models, images, and virtual tours, Larissa transforms visions into tangible, awe-inspiring spaces.

Beyond her professional realm, Larissa channels her creativity into hands-on projects, from intricate sketches to DIY home repairs. A fun fact: she holds a degree in veterinary science and has previously worked in small animal clinics.


João Lopes

3D Artist

With a backgroung as an Architect and 3D artist, João seamlessly combines his professional know-how with a passion for creativity. In addition to architecture, he works as a communicator sharing his professional knowledges.

When not working, you’ll find him immersing himself in the world of music or capturing moments through his lens.


Felipe Dantas

3D Artist

Felipe is a skilled visual artist with expertise in graphic design, animation, and architecture. He has over four years of experience in global projects and works in all type of projects using advanced modeling and rendering techniques to effortlessly translate complex concepts into stunning visual representations.

Beyond the work, Felipe finds joy in spending time with his wife, delving into Bible studies, and sharing his knowledge with others. He believes in living life to the fullest both in his work and personal life.

Gabriel Benetti

3D Artist

With a degree in digital games, Gabriel works with virtual reality, architecture visualization and games. He combines his knowledge of digital games with his expertise in 3D modeling to create immersive virtual environments that captive the users.

 Gabriel’s passion lies in exploring the possibilities of technology and pushing the limits of what’s achievable in the realm of digital art. He consistently seeks out new challenges to improve his skills and is a very creative and proactive 3D artist that loves to inspire others through his art.

Maycon Douglas

3D Artist

Maycon has been immersed in the world of 3D artistry since 2013, learning the top-tier industry software during this period. From architecture to virtual reality, game assets to conceptual art, Maycon has explored various domains of 3D art, constantly refining his skills and pushing boundaries. Maycon brings his passion and creativity to every project, turning each one into a masterpiece.

Beyond his professional work, Maycon indulges in drawing, painting, and creating eye-catching dioramas in his free time.

Tiago Balduíno

3D Artist

Whit over 12 years of experience, Tiago began his journey in the 3D world with furniture projects, and over the span of 12 years, he has elevated his knowledge and skills across various facets of 3D, finding a profound love for interior design.

Tiago is dedicated to expressing art and emotions in the field of 3D. He believes that the expression of details is crucial in bridging the gap from an idea to a compelling image that evokes emotions.

He is also a gaming and technology enthusiast who enjoys helping others.

Janary Junior

3D Artist

Janary is an Architect and 3D Artist with more than 10 years of experience sculpting the world of architectural visualization with expertise in all areas of 3D design, includind modeling, shading, lighting, rendering and post-production.

Using a toolset featuring Blender for 3D and animations, Photoshop for still post-production and Premiere for cinematics, Janary brings floorplans to life with visually stunning results.